Cattle Breeds

Adams Ranch, A Nationally Recognized Leading Seedstock
Resource for the Cattle Ranching Partners.

Florida rangelands offer a unique opportunity to raise cattle
in a 12-month open pasture ranching experience. The Adams
Ranch seedstock program offers Florida ranchers with a unique
opportunity to grow your herd with a genetically controlled seed
stock designed to optimize your success in Florida’s tropical
climate. The Adams Ranch Braford® and the Adams Ranch
Reds® composites will help your herd become more productive
and profitable.

The Adams Ranch seedstock program offers Florida ranchers
with a unique opportunity to grow your herd with a genetically
controlled seed stock designed for success in Florida’s tropical
climate. The Adams Ranch Braford® and composites will help
your herd becomes more productive and profitable.

Starting with the original Brahma and Hereford combinations,
the Adams Ranch Braford® and the Adams Ranch ABEEF®,
ARRAB®, and ARGEL® now form the Adams Ranch Reds®
offer a new resource for the development of the Florida
cattle herd.

These seed stock bulls and heifers now provide new options for
increased productivity, fertility, longevity and grade out quality
to our ranching partners.

The Adams Ranch Braford®
The Adams Ranch Braford® has been developed as a unique
breed of cattle by combining the best of the Brahman bloodline
with the strong tropical climate hardiness with the classic
Hereford cattle of England, long noted for the quality of their
beef to create the Adams Ranch Braford®, a cattle that possess
unequaled qualities to permit open range ranching in Florida’s
sunny but tropical climate with the tenderness and taste of the
Hereford tradition.

The Adams Ranch Braford® has been the heart of our cattle
program because of solid values of maternal performance and
heat tolerance. After 40 years in a closed herd breeding program
the Adams Ranch Braford® calves are free of genetic defects
and provide a uniform, sound base for our composites. The
Adams Ranch Braford® now provides its ranching partners
with a way to bring new energy and profitability to your herd
with improved:

• Productivity
• Heat Tolerance
• Disease Resistance
• Feed Efficiency
• Fertility
• Longevity
• Marbling
• Taste and Tenderness

Adams Ranch has given extra care to select for the qualities
that have made the Adams Ranch BRAFORD® cow great,
such as fertility,milking ability, easy calving, longevity,
productivity, disease resistance and heat tolerance, or in
other words, functional efficiency. Natural selection is used.
All Adams Ranch cattle have been calved unassisted for over
50 years.

All of our cattle have pigmented eyes which have almost
eliminated cancer eye. Particular attention is paid to
weaning weights. Heifers are bred as yearlings and are
expected to calve annually on adequate pasture. This
insures the retention of good maternal qualities. No
grain or protein supplements are given to the cow herd
and calves are not creep fed. It is not unusual for a 1,000
pound Adams Ranch BRAFORD® cow to wean a 700-pound
calf each year.

Composite Cattle: ABEEF®, ARRAB® or ARGEL®
The Adams Ranch composite program began in 1990
using the genetically uniform Braford herd to develop
a new type of beef animal that would provide maximum
heterosis with a carcass that would meet both quality
and yield standards. It has taken nearly fourteen years
to develop and certify the ABEEF®.

• The ABEEF® bulls are ultrasound tested for marbling and
rib eye area as well as DNA tested for tenderness and marbling.
• The ABEEF® are ideally suited for a combination of carcass
characteristics and red meat.
• The ARRAB® are ideally suited for carcass characteristics
and marbling.
• The ARGEL® are ideally suited for muscling and red meat.

The Adams Ranch composites meet all of the requirements
of feedlots, producers, and consumers. They offer a simple
means of maximizing Heterosis and stabilizing phenotype
in a simple program without cross breeding.

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