The All Natural Beef Story

Adams Ranch Natural Beef® is the foundation of our natural beef lifestyle
on the ranch. We operate with a “closed herd” to guarantee the health and genetic
soundness of our cattle. Our natural lifestyle for the Adams Ranch cattle begins
with natural breeding, continues through the natural calving and weaning stages
and culminates with a completely vegetation-based diet during their 100 % open
pasture growing period.

Our natural ranching practices extend into an extensive program in conservation
to preserve our land’s beauty and wonder for generations to come. At the Adams
Ranch our cattle share the land with wildlife to provide for a balanced land use
that enhances the habitat for wildlife, our cattle, the palm hammocks and pasture.

 Natural Cattle Ranching at the Adams Ranch
Ranching activity What we do at the Adams Ranch
Cow-herd management A closed herd of  cows to guarantee herd quality
Breeding practices Open pasture mixed sire breeding with no artificial insemination
Calving practices Natural unassisted calving on open pasture


Stress-free weaning provides for a natural separation from the mothers.
Growth through maturity


Raised on open Florida pastures using natural grass and a 100 % vegetarian diet.
Harvest and processing


All cattle are humanely processed in Florida at a state-of-the-art processing facility in Fort McCoy, Florida.

Beginning for the first time in mid-year, 2016, the Adams Ranch Natural Beef®
is now available for your family’s dining enjoyment at a number of quality locations.

Whole Foods
Whole Foods – the Adams Ranch is proudly partnering with Whole
 Foods, to bring
its Adams Ranch Natural Beef® products throughout its Florida
 stores. We encourage
you to visit your local Florida Whole Foods store to enjoy a
 new experience in our
quality pasture raised natural beef!